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Reasons To Modify Spousal Support

Not all divorces include alimony, also known as spousal support. Spousal support is instead used as a means to help couples resolve their divorce-related financial problems. If one spouse suffers a financial setback due to the divorce and the other has the finances to help, the court might award alimony to the economically disadvantaged ex. Talk to a divorce attorney in Columbus to learn more about spousal support.

What are the grounds for modifying spousal support?

When seeking adjustments for spousal support, there are usually only a few options for successful results, depending on the situation of all parties involved. It is essential to know which grounds are genuine and which are not considered by the judge in the courtroom so that you can obtain the best possible results.

  • Peace or conflict

Depending on the condition between the ex-spouses, the adjustment may continue with little difficulty if both parties can explain to a judge what is required. However, if the two parties do not get along or are already at odds, this process may become complex, making it difficult for the one who needs to modify spousal support. Sometimes, the change is to raise the amount for life changes where the other party requires more funding. In most cases, the modification reduces the sum or changes the payment dates. Other instances happen where alternative methods, instead of money, are used.

  • The agreement to modify

When both parties agree, they can ask the courts to modify the initial support arrangement. If one party refuses to comply with the new arrangement, the agreement reached outside the courtroom may become unenforceable. When everyone agrees and seeks the courts’ support, the modification becomes binding and holds everyone accountable. It is critical to follow this option to avoid future issues and troubles.

  • Temporary modification

In general, a modification is only temporary unless life situations change dramatically and require a new option for the remainder of the time in paying the ex-spouse. The temporary situation may continue for weeks, months, or years. The court hearing may go down without a hitch if the recipient is honest about the change. However, the modification must still be approved by the judge. They will hear the case and determine the appropriate course of action for the interval until the spousal support is restored to the former judgment.

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